Trending Industries in CONVERGENCE 2020

Trending industries in Convergence 2020

The convergence India 2020 expo is organized by the India Trade Promotions Organisation (ITPO) and Exhibitions India Group (EIG). This annual expo focus is to promote India Brands and increase the impact of the “Make in India” & “Digital India” campaign globally.

The 28th edition of Convergence India giving enormous opportunities where exhibitors exhibiting from the Telecom, Broadband, Optical Communications, Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded System, Satcom, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Wearable Tech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning, Robotics, Drones mobile devices & Accessories, Electronic Manufacturing, Digital Media, Incubators, Gaming & Consumer electronics.

Have a look at some Trending industries in Convergence 2020:

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the most prominent and popular technology for the 21st Century. Artificial intelligence works every second and every decision has an ethical component. AI ethics and morality work together with the research and applications of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence becomes smarter, knowledgeable and capable every day. There are no limits to the AIs.

Significance of AI disrupting major industries:

Here are some industries which are disrupted by Artificial Intelligence:

  • Healthcare

Technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM hold the healthcare sector industry. AI is applied for the range of healthcare needs, including data mining to identify patterns and to carry out more accurate diagnosis and the more accurate diagnosis, drug discovery and even robotic surgery.
Similarly, a platform called Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery (AIDD), developed by the biopharma company NuMedii leverages big data and AI to detect the link between diseases and drugs at the systems level.

  • Retail and E-commerce

Retail and E-commerce is the only space where the applications of AI is used by the majority of end-users. AI applications are also increasingly being used to enhance the customer experience. 

  • Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial services industry into a massive transformation due to AI applications. Nowadays, humans are replaced by intelligent software robots. AI-based chatbots are using in Insurance Sector to improve the user experience. Another important benefit of AI in Banking & Finance Sector is fraud detection.

  • Travel

AI has changed the travel industry to derive benefits from AI i.e. Chatbots. Chatbots have improved customer service and engagement because of 24*7 presence.

  • Entertainment and Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the early adopters of Artificial Intelligence. AI is helping programmers and producers recommended to the users on their activity. AI is also used for creating developing content.

Information and Communication Technology

Digital Technologies have been increasing as a critical determinant of economic growth, national security, and international competitiveness. Information Technology affects everything from resource allocation to income distribution and growth.

In the digital generation, the ICT industry and ICT-enabled industry made direct contributions to economic growth and job creation. Due to the Digital era, ICT industries are facing challenges related to data privacy, trade, and immigration.

After considering all the factors, the ICT sector is the hub for developed and developing countries. Early adoption of rapidly developing technologies like cloud computing, robotic automation, Artificial Intelligence(AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things(IoT), and 5G technologies promoting continuous growth.

As the increase in the trends of ICT sectors globally, the potential of digital technologies that can convert technical knowledge into productive outputs.


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Convergence exhibition in India

19-21 February 2020

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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