Biotechnology: Myth & Facts

Biotechnology: Myth & Facts

One of the biggest myths about Biotechnology will be found in career opportunities. But the truth is, they are not aware of the latest trends in the industry. Biotechnology has been already begun for an alternative to traditional industries such as food processing and fermentation. It will take the development of new technology to another phase. 

Branches of Biotechnology

Biotech industries use biotechnology methods for the production, design, and delivery for the product or services. Biotechnology fields are categorized into 4 groups: Red Biotechnology, White Biotechnology used for Industrial process and Green Technology is about the agricultural process. Blue Technology concerns with biological methods to marine and freshwater organisms. Gold Biotechnology has been used for biological science & computational science.

Future Forecast: Biotechnology

The health sector is expecting enormous growth in the future for technology expansion and the application of biotechnology in the various aspects of healthcare. The continuous improvement in the biotechnological products providing the engaging in the diagnosis, projection & biopharmaceutical expansion.

Over the year, the small biotech industry is dominated by large companies. Marketing is now a complex task for the industry. Increased transparency in the development of drugs and effects helps to make the consumer more educated. The biotechnology industry experiencing risk managing and project financing. 

Biotechnology – The Need of the Hour

The biotechnology industry has captured the many small players along with the main key players. Large drug companies taking possession of small industries to hold the market share. 

The growth of the biotechnology industry is making the record. According to the Evaluate Pharma, which is a principal research body committed on the biotechnology industry, the value of R&D allegiance in the US rose up by 46 percent in 2014 as compared to 2013 and the same growth rate is expected in the coming years as well.


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